Mind, Yoga & Soul


About Me

Hey, I'm Amy! I'm An Empathetic, Spiritual Health & Fitness Enthusiast With A Passion For Holistic Living And Alternative Healing Therapies.

I'm A Biomedical Scientist, Certified Holistic Coach, ISSA Personal Trainer, Reiki Healer, Yoga Instructor & Meditation Facilitator.

From Being The Irish National Powerlifting Champion, To Overlanding Across The World In My Land Rover Defender, I Believe In Reaching My Highest Potential.

Due To My Own Battles With Anxiety & Depression, I Spent Several Years Learning About The Importance Of The Holistic Approach To Life By Travelling And Learning In Remote And Diverse Cultures Around The World.

Combining My University Degree With My Knowledge And Travel Experiences, I Created 'Anam Saor' Which Stands For 'Free Soul' In Irish.

My Soul Purpose

My Purpose Is To Help You Nourish Your Mind, Body And Soul & To Restore Harmonisation Within Through A Variety Of Holistic Modalities.

I Believe We Can Work Together To Plant The Seed Of Growth Today.

My Mission

  1. Harmonise & Regulate Your Nervous System Through Breathwork, Yoga & Meditation.

2. Reset Your Mindset Through Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)

3. Gain Strength, Flexibility & Endurance Through Personalised Movement Programs.

4. Connect With Your Intuition & Soul Through Spirituality.

I Will Teach You How To Surrender, Let Go, And Trust That The Universe Has Got Your Back!

Modern Mixed Media Woman Doing Yoga

Yoga & Meditation

Modern Mixed Media Woman Writing

Soulful 1:1 Coaching

To Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

Modern Mixed Media Woman with a Skincare Treatment


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Multi Style Yoga

Gentle Full Body Asanas Focused On Stretching And Releasing Tension Within The Body.

Includes Basic Flow Movements, Breathing Exercises & Relaxing Meditation.

Yoga To Regulate The Nervous System

A Safe, Trauma Sensitive Environment For People Suffering From Anxiety, Trauma Or Depression.

Promotes Emotional Release & Nervous System Regulation

To Allow The Brain To Operate Optimally And Support Your Well-Being.

Yin Yoga

Designed To Advance Your Mobility Over Time, Assist With Regular Strength Training,

Or As A Way To Slowly Introduce You To Yoga. Each Stretch Is Held For 30 Seconds, Which Has Been Scientifically Proven To Be The Optimal Time To Improve Flexibility Within The Body.

Modern Mixed Media Woman Doing Yoga

Personalised 1:1 Meditation

Meditation Recordings For Your Exact Needs.

Free Pre-Consultation To Help Establish Your Goals.

Group Meditation

A Variety Of Mindfulness, Visualisation, Movement, And Relaxation Meditations Offered In A Safe Group Environment.

Types Of Meditation

  • Mindfulness
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Affirmation Meditation
  • Focused Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Relaxation Meditation
  • Loving & Kindness Meditation
  • Visualisation Meditation
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Soulful 1:1 Online Holistic Coaching

This Is Not Your Average Online Personalised Training Programme...Why? My Method Focuses

On The Holistic Approach To Your Physical And Mental Health.

Not Just On The number On The Scales Or The Calories In Your Food.


My 1:1 Holistic Training Programme Offers Personalised Health & Fitness Programmes With Training Tips, Nutrition & Supplement Advice,

Empowering Morning & Evening Routines, Mobility & Flexibility Programmes, Weekly Check Ins With Accountability,

Free Access To Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Resources & Much More!

My Aim Is To Make Fitness Fun And Something You Become Addicted To!

Mindset Reset

The Mindset Reset Is My Favourite! This Is Where We Take A Deep Dive Into Your Mindest!

We Explore, Reset & Align Your Values, Beliefs, Habits & Thoughts To Allow You To Step Into Your Most Empowering Self!

Spirituality - Reconnect With Your Soul

We Explore Different Ways To Connect To Your Soul. I Encourage You To Have A More Intimate & Trusting Relationship

With Yourself, Others, And The Unknown. Spirituality Can Help You Deal With Stress By Giving You A Sense Of Peace, Purpose, And Forgiveness. Spirituality Is Important In Maintaining Our Health And Well-Being.

Brief Product Description

  • Fill Out Intake Questionnaire.
  • A Free Pre-Consultation Meeting Will Be Set Up To Chat About Your Goals And The Services We Provide.
  • After You Decide To Commit, An Email Will Be Sent To You To Schedule A Consultation To Customize Your Programme.
  • 24Hr WhatsApp Support.
  • Gym, Home Or No Equipment Workouts.
  • Nutrition & Supplement Advice. Intuitive / Mindfulness eating practices (no tracking of macros or calories). FREE access to Holistic Juice Plus Supplements and FREE access to the Health Style Emporium Portal where you get access to a variety of free holistic videos (included in the price).
  • Three-Phase Personalised Workout Plan Over 12 Weeks Customised To Your Menstral Cycle If Required.
  • Demonstration Videos And Full Body Mobility Routines provided For All Excercises.
  • Bi-Weekly Fitness check-in via Phone Call Or Online Via Zoom.
  • Biweekly community group calls full with live Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Mindset, Journaling Practice, and Oracle Card Reading Workshops.
  • Mindset Mentorship Which Involves Self-Exploration To Grow Into Your New Empowering Identity.
  • You Will Learn A New Spirituality Practice Each Week To Connect With Your Soul.
  • Free eBooks & More Holistic Wellness Resources.

What This Is NOT

  • A Typical Fitness Programme Designed To Gain Muscle And Loose Weight, It's Much Much More.
  • We Don't Focus Primarily On Loosing Weight, But Rather On Becoming Healthy (That Is A By-Product, But Not The Primary Focus).
  • No Macronutrient Or Calorie Tracking, Instead, Learn Mindful Eating, How To & What To Eat, Making Healthier Choices.


Client Feedback

Anna, Ireland

Plant The Seed Of Growth Today!

Amy is a empathetic and patient teacher who has guided and supported me on my wellness journey. She brings a big smile and warm energy to all her sessions that made me feel comfortable to express and me my true self.

Lauren, Ireland

Yoga Designed For All Levels!

Amy has great attention to detail and I love how she structures her yoga classes with breathwork, asana flows for all levels and deep relaxation meditation at the end. You're not the same person walking off the mat as you were walking on!

Sarah, Ireland

Offers A Holistic Approach To Health & Wellbeing!

Anam Saor offers a holistic approach to health and wellness and is a great holistic therapist who has helped me dealing with my stress and anxiety by regulating my nervous system with breathwork, yoga, movement and mindfulness!